Below is an overview of essential tips and resources to help you focus your application, align with YC’s criteria, and understand how other African founders have successfully applied.

Application Priorities:

  1. Describe your company in 1 sentence without jargon. 

  2. Demonstrate your traction (i.e. what have you done and in how much time?)

  3. Show why you are the right people to build this.

  4. Show who is on your team and that you can build technology.

  5. Explain how you believe you can become a billion dollar business or reach $100m in annual recurring revenue.

Key Considerations: 

  • A MUST: Have a technical cofounder

  • A MUST: All founders must have at least 10% equity

  • The application has 2 parts: written application + in person interview. A video interview could happen after the written if YC needs more info.

  • The in person is not guaranteed. If you do, let us know. We and YC Alum are happy to help you prepare. Email us at:

  • All cofounders must submit an application. One cofounder will submit the main application and the other cofounders will submit a follow on portion.

  • Deadline: Applying before the deadline ensures your application is reviewed earlier than others.  However, you can still submit past the deadline.

  • Applying multiple times is common. If you don’t get accepted for this batch, try again and show your progress. If you’ve applied before, apply again this time and show progress.

  • Regardless of what stage you’re at, still apply for YC. The exercise of sharing a clear value proposition, getting feedback from alums/other founders, and seeing opportunities and gaps with your product are invaluable for your team’s growth.

Other Resources:

Applications of African YC Alum: