In general, read YC’s video guidelines and adhere to them closely

TIPS (the not so intuitive approach):

  • Context: The video is the first part of the application when YC reviews it. The tone set here will inform how they read your application. Spend time on this!

  • Goal: Introduce the cofounders. Say what each person has done and sound smart saying it. Say what each person’s role is so that there’s no gaps on the team. Share what you’re building and why. Show progress/traction. You want them to walk away intrigued and curious about your written application. Show that your team is smart and comprehensive.

  • Founders: Ensure all cofounders are in the video (either in the same room or separate videos spliced together or a split screen)

  • Script: Write a script. Use a teleprompter app to read from while recording 

  • Practice: Do many takes and pick the best one. Test audio, video, timing, pacing and content flow.

  • Recording: You can use the camera on your Macbook and do light edits. Record while using a teleprompter

  • Pace: Speak so they can hear you clearly. That may mean slower than normal.

  • Edit: Avoid special effects, screenshots, and demos. Do light edits of blunders and ums if needed - very light. 

  • Audio, Video, Lighting: Everyone sit in front of the camera and make sure it’s centered. Ensure there's good lighting so your faces show. Make sure the video and audio quality are strong (a bright, clean setting/room, minimal audio interruptions, clear video, etc).

  • Structure - Intros: Make sure each person has a line, not just one person talking. Each person should introduce themselves, say what they’ve done, and clearly state their role in the company

  • Structure - Pitch: One person can say this if you wish. See format below

  • Time: 1 minute, 1:15 minutes max. Do not go longer


  1. Everyone introduce themselves: Name, title, done in previous life, responsibility in this company.

    “My name is E. I’m the CEO & Cofounder of Flutterwave. Before starting Flutterwave, I was building this company called Andela which helps build talent in Africa. I handle business development for Flutterwave.”

  2. What you're building (definitely mention the technology) and for who.

  3. Why? What problem are you solving for your customer?

  4. How are you solving their problem?

  5. Mention your traction.

  6. Why YC? [optional]


My name is [insert name].

I’m the Cofounder & [insert title - i.e. CEO, CMO, COO] of [insert company name].

Before starting [insert company name], I was [insert your impressive past/what you’ve done].

I handle [insert current function - i.e. business development, engineering, marketing] for [insert company name].

[Insert other team member intro lines: Hi my name is …].

We’re excited about what we’re building at [insert company name]. We [insert what you do/product you've built and for who].

The problem that they face today is [insert their problem/the why].

Our product changes this by [insert how your product solves your customer’s problem].

Since we started, we’ve [insert impressive traction/progress, i.e. processed $XB for x y z merchants].

We’d love to get into YC so we can [insert your rationale for applying YC].

Thank you.


Kudi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvFwEX28rvU