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HR Manager

Portfolio Company
Posted on
June 13, 2024
About us

Kwara is a mission-driven and a fast-growing fintech company, revolutionizing digital banking for SACCOs in Kenya. Our unique growth engine has allowed our 240+ clients to grow 10X faster than their peers, which is why they love us. We are proud to be backed by some of the best investors globally, including Breega, Softbank and many more!

Job Description

We are seeking our first ever HR Manager based in Nairobi, to join our ambitious, global team, boosting some of the world's best talent. This role is ideal for someone who loves kick-starting things, taking ownership, and making a change in people's professional lives.

You will be part of Kwara’s People team, focused on creating a strong and high-performing work environment at Kwara. Historically, HR in Kenya has been done by Kwara's co-founders, so you’ll be working together directly with them and the leadership team to mature the company.

The key responsibilities are:

  • HR Planning: Formulate and execute HR plans aligned with annual objectives
  • Recruitment and Onboarding: Lead end-to-end recruitment, from posting jobs and sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and making offers. Develop an efficient onboarding process to welcome new hires.
  • Talent Development: Create and manage training and development initiatives to enhance employee skills and competencies. Identify and nurture high-potential individuals for career growth.
  • Employee Relations: Cultivate a positive and inclusive workplace culture by effectively addressing employee concerns, conflicts, and grievances.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Administer compensation and benefits programs in compliance with local regulations.
  • Compliance: Stay abreast of Kenyan labor laws and regulations to ensure HR practices are compliant. Maintain HR records and documentation as required by law.
  • Performance Management: Develop and implement performance appraisal systems and guide managers on providing performance feedback and improvement plans.
  • Employee Engagement: Oversee and implement engagement initiatives and activities to boost morale and job satisfaction.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate HR reports and analytics to assess HR metrics, track progress, and provide data-driven recommendations for improvements.

We only select candidates that fit our criteria for success as first HR Manager at Kwara. It's a tough but rewarding challenge, so we focus on your traits, not just your experience:

  • Ownership: you take ownership of problems, proposing solutions and pros/cons rather than posing problems open-ended.
  • Contextual awareness: you understand the complexity of business goals and individual employee goals, and can offer the right suggestion according to each situation.
  • Gravitas: you come across mature and professional, as you reason rationally, compassionately and logically with all Kwarans.
  • Opend-minded: you understand that startup HR differs from corporate HR and apply creativity according to company strategy, budgets and stage.

The (1) screening interview, (2) case study and (3) final interview is designed to test you actively for the role. You should only apply if you really want to be the first HR Manager at a fast-growing fintech startup. Be ready for an intense interview process, including online and in-person interviews, take-home assessment and a final session at the Kwara House in Nairobi, which requires preparation, and active engagement with our BizArch, HR Advisor and Founders.

In addition to the traits we hire for (these are primary!), we also expect the requirements below:

  • At least 4 years of relevant HR experience
  • Ability to manage upwards, directly to founders/business owners
  • Experience with change management in a fast-paced environment
  • In-depth knowledge of Kenyan labour laws and regulations
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • A commitment to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality and integrity
  • Entrepreneurial experience is a huge plus (in any capacity)

We offer you a chance to learn, a lot! Besides that, we offer:

  • Gross Salary: KES 180,000-250,000, based on experience.
  • Bonus Program: The company may enrol you in a bonus structure based on revenue targets that might be set, together with the company.
  • Stock Option Program: As key team member, you will get Kwara stock options that earn you future economics rights to the company's proceeds at acquisition or IPO.
  • Home office: Wednesday’s and Friday’s.
  • Professional growth: Learning budget and extensive 1-on-1 coaching by experienced founders and people leaders
  • Maternity leave: maternity leave is 3 months with full pay as provided for in the employment act and is additional to annual leave.
  • Paternity leave: paternity leave is 14 days; it should be taken within the first month of birth of the baby else forfeited.
  • Private medical insurance: Outpatient fund up to KES 100,000 per family. Inpatient up to KES 1,000,000 per family. Vision limited to KES 20,000 for frames, dental limited to KES 20,000 for routine dentistry. Upon agreement, this insurance premium can be paid out monthly for purposes of purchasing expat insurance, but will be taxed accordingly.
  • Technical Equipment: Provided, to be returned promptly to employer in case of termination of contract. Will include a workstation (laptop) with monitor and keyboard/mouse on request. Equipment will be the responsibility of employee once handed over, and, though insured, the decision on burden of replacement in case of theft or reckless damage will be at the discretion of HR.
  • Learning budget: Unlimited, based on fit with company goals and area for growth

If you see yourself working in Kwara based on what you just read above, take the chance and apply! To give you a bit more of the behind the scenes, check the beautiful path that Emms took at Kwara: