#WhyWeInvested - CatalyzU

April 18, 2024

CatalyzU is Positioning African Talent for the Global, Remote Workforce

The African venture ecosystem is thriving, with a lot more startup and investor activity driving innovation on the continent despite the recent dip in venture funding.

However, this remarkable capital influx has underscored a critical talent gap in mid-level and management positions within these startups and the local venture capital firms that invest in them. While significant efforts have been directed toward cultivating technical talent, the venture capital domain and non-technical roles such as operations, marketing, and sales have seen relatively less focus.

Addressing this need, CatalyzU has emerged as a pivotal force in developing the future of Africa's startup and VC talent. As a digital tertiary institution intertwined with a talent placement ecosystem, CatalyzU harnesses its proprietary AI-driven learning and recruitment platform to bridge the talent divide effectively. Their curriculum, designed and delivered by industry practitioners, equips learners with practical, real-world skills targeted at the most in-demand non-tech roles within the VC and startup ecosystem.

In light of the pressing need for operational efficiency amid the tough economic and funding landscape for African startups, CatalyzU is expanding its range to include training for non-technical talent, particularly in sales, customer success, business development, and growth marketing. This strategic move aims to train the next generation of world-class African operators, ready to drive technological innovation on the continent and contribute to global companies. This initiative reflects CatalyzU’s commitment to ameliorating the continent’s job crisis, which sees only 3 million formal jobs available to the 12 million young Africans entering the workforce each year. 

Under the leadership of Karl Nchite and Luke Mostert, who bring a wealth of experience from their tenure in venture capital, CatalyzU is uniquely positioned to address the continent's talent needs. Their extensive African startup network and diverse global advisory board comprising top African venture leaders and founders — from the likes of Uber, Tencent, and Shortlist Professionals — positions CatalyzU favorably to unlock this sizeable opportunity. 

By pioneering an innovative approach to educating work-ready African talent with a direct path to high-earning jobs upon graduation, CatalyzU stands at the forefront of Africa’s opportunity to serve as leaders in the global, remote workforce. Our investment in CatalyzU underscores our commitment to empowering Africans to compete successfully for formal roles across African and global economies.